Mastering the Art of Prank Calls: How to Prank Call Without Revealing Your Number

Embarking on a prank call adventure can be entertaining, but maintaining anonymity is key. If you're curious about "how to prank call without showing your number," this comprehensive guide unveils a range of techniques and tools to ensure your prank calls remain a mystery.

1. The Importance of Anonymity:

Understand why maintaining anonymity is crucial when indulging in prank calls. This section highlights the potential consequences and ethical considerations, setting the stage for responsible prank calling.

2. Use a Caller ID Blocking Code:

Explore the option of using caller ID blocking codes. This section provides specific codes and steps for different regions that allow you to temporarily block your caller ID for a prank call.

3. 67: The Universal Caller ID Blocker:

Delve into the widely recognized *67 feature. This section explains how to use *67 before dialing a number to block your caller ID temporarily, ensuring your anonymity during prank calls.

4. Third-Party Prank Call Apps:

Explore the world of third-party prank call apps. This section introduces popular apps that enable you to make prank calls with masked or altered caller IDs, adding an extra layer of anonymity.

5. Google Voice for Anonymous Calling:

Uncover the possibilities offered by Google Voice. This section guides you on how to use Google Voice for prank calls, allowing you to customize your caller ID information.

6. Virtual Phone Numbers:

Consider obtaining a virtual phone number. This section explains how virtual phone numbers can be used to make prank calls, providing an additional layer of separation from your personal information.

7. Disposable Phone Numbers:

Explore the concept of disposable phone numbers. This section introduces services that offer temporary phone numbers for prank calling, allowing you to maintain anonymity without using your primary number.

8. Prank Call Websites:

Delve into online platforms dedicated to prank calls. This section introduces websites that facilitate prank calls with built-in features for hiding your caller ID, ensuring a fun and anonymous experience.

9. Internet Calling Services:

Consider utilizing internet calling services. This section explores how certain online platforms and applications allow you to make prank calls without revealing your actual phone number.

10. Prank Call Etiquette:

Conclude by emphasizing responsible prank call etiquette. This section outlines ethical considerations, ensuring that your prank calls remain harmless, entertaining, and within acceptable boundaries.


In conclusion, mastering the art of prank calls while keeping your number hidden involves exploring various tools and techniques. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can indulge in the world of prank calling with confidence, knowing that your anonymity is preserved. May your prank calls be filled with laughter and amusement while respecting the privacy and comfort of those involved.