Playing 7 Minutes in Heaven: Rules and Guidelines

"7 Minutes in Heaven" is a classic party game that has been a source of excitement and curiosity for generations. This game is often played at parties and gatherings, especially among teenagers, as it adds an element of mystery and fun to the social experience. In this article, we will delve into the rules and guidelines of "7 Minutes in Heaven," providing you with insights into how to play this popular party game.


7 minutes in heaven rules

How to "7 Minutes in Heaven"?



1. What is 7 Minutes in Heaven?


"7 Minutes in Heaven" is a kissing or romantic game typically played by a group of people, often at parties or social events.


It involves two participants who are chosen or volunteer to spend seven minutes together in a secluded or private area, where they can engage in conversations, get to know each other better, or share a kiss if they both agree.


2. Setting the Mood


To play "7 Minutes in Heaven," you'll need to create the right ambiance:


  • Location: Choose a suitable and private location, such as a closet or a dimly lit room.


  • Props: Consider adding props like a timer or a soft light source to enhance the atmosphere.


  • Music: Soft background music can help set the mood.


3. How to Play


Here are the basic rules for playing "7 Minutes in Heaven":


  • Participants: The game typically involves a group of friends, and two participants are selected or volunteer for each round.


  • Selection Process: There are various ways to choose the participants for each round. This can be done through drawing names from a hat, spinning a bottle, or any other creative method.


  • Entering the Space: The chosen participants enter the designated space together, and the door is closed behind them.


  • Seven Minutes: A timer is set for seven minutes, during which the participants can talk, get to know each other, or engage in more romantic activities if they both agree.


  • Consent: It is crucial to emphasize that any romantic or physical activities should be consensual and comfortable for both participants. Pressure or discomfort should never be part of the game.


  • Exiting the Space: After seven minutes, the participants exit the space, and the game continues with new pairs or participants.


4. Respect and Boundaries


While "7 Minutes in Heaven" can be a playful and fun game, it's essential to prioritize respect and boundaries:


  • Consent: Always ensure that all participants are willing to play and are comfortable with the game's rules.


  • Boundaries: Emphasize the importance of respecting each other's boundaries and consent throughout the game.


  • Peer Pressure: Avoid any form of peer pressure, and encourage open communication among participants.


5. Age-Appropriate


Consider the age and maturity of the participants when playing "7 Minutes in Heaven."


It is more commonly played among teenagers and young adults, but age-appropriate boundaries and supervision should be maintained, especially with younger participants.




7 minutes in heaven rules

Game rules



"7 Minutes in Heaven" is a classic party game that adds an element of mystery and excitement to social gatherings. While it can be a fun way to interact with friends and acquaintances, it's crucial to prioritize respect, consent, and boundaries when playing. By following the rules and guidelines, you can enjoy this game responsibly and ensure that everyone has a good time.