How to Make Money in Pokemon Sun and Moon: A Guide to Financial Success

In the world of Pokemon Sun and Moon, trainers are not only focused on capturing and battling Pokemon but also on building their in-game wealth. Money plays a crucial role in acquiring items, healing Pokemon, and progressing through the game. If you're looking for ways to boost your financial success in Pokemon Sun and Moon, you've come to the right place. In this article, we will provide a comprehensive guide on how to make money in Pokemon Sun and Moon, helping you maximize your earnings and achieve financial prosperity.


1. Understanding the Importance of Money

Money serves as a valuable resource in Pokemon Sun and Moon, enabling trainers to purchase essential items, such as Poke Balls, Potions, and TMs (Technical Machines).


It also allows trainers to participate in various in-game activities and engage in trading with other players. Therefore, accumulating wealth is crucial for a successful journey in the Alola region.


2. Battling Trainers for Cash

how to make money in pokemon sun and moon



One of the most straightforward ways to make money in Pokemon Sun and Moon is by battling trainers. Trainers you encounter throughout your journey often carry varying amounts of money.


Defeating them in battles not only earns you experience points for your Pokemon but also rewards you with cash. Be sure to engage in battles with trainers whenever possible to accumulate funds.


3. Participating in Pokemon League Challenges

As you progress through the game, you will have the opportunity to participate in Pokemon League challenges. These challenges pit you against a series of powerful trainers known as the Elite Four and the Champion.


Successfully defeating these trainers not only advances your status as a trainer but also rewards you with substantial amounts of money. Focus on training a balanced and powerful team to increase your chances of success and financial gain.


4. Utilizing the Amulet Coin

The Amulet Coin is an invaluable item in Pokemon Sun and Moon that significantly boosts the amount of money you earn from battles.


Once you obtain this item, equip it to one of your Pokemon before engaging in battles with trainers or participating in Pokemon League challenges.


The Amulet Coin effectively doubles the cash rewards you receive, making it a must-have for trainers seeking to maximize their earnings.


5. Farming Valuable Items

In addition to battling, farming valuable items can also be a lucrative source of income in Pokemon Sun and Moon. Certain items, such as Big Nuggets, Pearls, and Rare Bones, can be sold for substantial amounts of money at Pokemon Centers.


Explore areas where these items are known to appear, such as hidden items or through encounters with wild Pokemon, and gather them to sell for a profit.


6. Participating in Festival Plaza Activities

The Festival Plaza in Pokemon Sun and Moon offers various activities that can earn you money. These activities include missions, attractions, and even restaurant battles.


Engage in these activities regularly to earn Festival Coins, which can be exchanged for valuable items or sold for money.


7. Selling Unwanted Pokemon

how to make money in pokemon sun and moon



As you progress through your Pokemon journey, you may accumulate duplicates or Pokemon that you no longer need. Instead of releasing them, consider selling them to Pokemon Centers.


While the amount of money you receive may not be as significant as other methods, it can still contribute to your overall earnings.


8. Maximizing Your Earnings

To maximize your earnings in Pokemon Sun and Moon, it is essential to be strategic and efficient.


Focus on battling trainers, participating in Pokemon League challenges, utilizing the Amulet Coin, farming valuable items, and engaging in Festival Plaza activities.


By combining these methods and managing your in-game resources wisely, you can increase your wealth and afford essential items and services.


In conclusion, making money in Pokemon Sun and Moon is crucial for a successful journey in the Alola region. By understanding the importance of money and employing strategic methods, trainers can accumulate wealth and afford essential items and services. Battle trainers, participate in Pokemon League challenges, utilize the Amulet Coin, farm valuable items, engage in Festival Plaza activities, and sell unwanted Pokemon to maximize your earnings. With a solid financial foundation, you can confidently navigate the Pokemon world and achieve your goals as a trainer. So, let us embark on our financial journey in Pokemon Sun and Moon and strive for financial prosperity!