Crafting Magic: A Guide on How to Make Enchanted Apples

Enchanted apples, also known as Notch apples, are coveted items in the Minecraft universe for their powerful regenerative properties and resistance to damage. Crafting these magical apples requires a combination of rare materials and a keen understanding of the crafting process. In this guide, we'll provide you with a detailed and easy-to-follow set of instructions on how to make enchanted apples, allowing you to harness their mystical benefits in your Minecraft adventures.

1. Gather Essential Materials:

a. Apples:

  • Harvest apples by either picking them from naturally occurring trees or by using a tool with the Fortune enchantment.

b. Gold Ingots:

  • Obtain gold ingots through mining and smelting gold ore blocks or by looting them from dungeons, temples, or bastions.

c. Nether Stars (Optional):

  • For crafting Notch apples, you may need Nether Stars, which are obtained by defeating the Wither boss. Prepare for a challenging battle if you choose this advanced recipe.

2. Crafting the Enchanted Apple:

a. Access the Crafting Table:

  • Approach a crafting table, an essential workstation for combining items into more advanced creations.

b. Place Apples in the Crafting Grid:

  • Arrange apples in the outer four slots of the crafting grid. Fill each slot with a single apple.

c. Place Gold Ingots in the Remaining Slots:

  • Fill the remaining four slots in the crafting grid with gold ingots. Ensure that each slot is occupied.

d. Crafting Notch Apples (Optional):

  • If you're aiming to craft Notch apples, place an apple in the center slot, surround it with eight gold blocks (crafted from gold ingots), and place a Nether Star in the central slot.

e. Retrieve Enchanted Apples:

  • Once the crafting process is complete, collect your enchanted apples from the result slot.

3. Utilizing Enchanted Apples:

a. Consumption:

  • Right-click or tap on the enchanted apple in your inventory to consume it. Your character will be surrounded by a golden glow during consumption.

b. Regenerative Effects:

  • Enchanted apples provide powerful regenerative effects, including instant health regeneration, absorption, and resistance, making them invaluable during intense battles or challenging situations.

c. Notch Apple Benefits:

  • Notch apples, crafted with a Nether Star, offer extended regenerative effects, making them particularly valuable for facing formidable foes.

4. Tips and Considerations:

a. Efficient Resource Gathering:

  • Optimize your resource gathering by using tools with the Fortune enchantment to increase the yield of apples from trees.

b. Prepare for Wither Battles:

  • If crafting Notch apples, adequately prepare for battles against the Wither boss. Gather powerful gear, weapons, and potions to increase your chances of success.

c. Conservation of Notch Apples:

  • Due to the rarity of Nether Stars, consider conserving Notch apples for crucial moments, such as boss battles or challenging exploration.


Crafting enchanted apples is a rewarding endeavor that grants you access to potent regenerative effects in the Minecraft realm. By following these step-by-step instructions, you can harness the magical properties of these apples to enhance your survivability and conquer even the toughest challenges. Whether you opt for the standard enchanted apple or venture into the realm of Notch apples, your crafting skills will undoubtedly play a pivotal role in your Minecraft adventures. Happy crafting!