How to Turn Off Moto Actions: A Step-by-Step Guide

Moto Actions is a feature on Motorola smartphones that allows users to perform certain actions or access specific features by using gestures or motions. While Moto Actions can be helpful, some users may prefer to turn off these features for various reasons. In this article, we will provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to turn off Moto Actions on your Motorola device.


how to turn off moto actions

How to turn off moto actions?




1. Access the Moto App:


To begin, locate and open the Moto app on your Motorola smartphone. The Moto app is pre-installed on most Motorola devices and contains various settings and features, including Moto Actions.


2. Navigate to Moto Actions Settings:


Once you open the Moto app, you will see a list of available Moto Actions. Look for the "Moto Actions" or "Gestures" option and tap on it to access the Moto Actions settings.


3. Disable Individual Moto Actions:


In the Moto Actions settings, you will find a list of different gestures and actions that you can enable or disable. Review the list and toggle off the Moto Actions that you want to turn off. Some common Moto Actions include:


  • Quick Capture: Disables the gesture to quickly open the camera by twisting your wrist.
  • Chop Twice for Flashlight: Disables the gesture to turn on the flashlight by making a chopping motion with your device.
  • Twist for Quick Capture: Disables the gesture to open the camera by twisting your wrist twice.
  • Lift to Unlock: Disables the feature that automatically unlocks your device when you pick it up.

4. Confirm the Changes:


After disabling the desired Moto Actions, exit the Moto app. Your changes will be automatically saved, and the Moto Actions you turned off will no longer be active on your device.


5. Reset Moto Actions to Default Settings:


If you want to completely disable all Moto Actions and restore them to their default settings, follow these steps:


a. Open the Moto app and navigate to the Moto Actions settings.


b. Look for the "Reset" or "Restore to Defaults" option and tap on it.


c. Confirm the action when prompted.


d. This will reset all Moto Actions to their default settings, effectively turning them off.


6. Update or Disable the Moto App:


If you prefer to completely remove the Moto Actions feature from your Motorola device, you have the option to update or disable the Moto app. Keep in mind that disabling the Moto app may also impact other Moto-related features and settings.



how to turn off moto actions

Moto Actions app



Moto Actions can enhance the user experience on Motorola smartphones, but if you prefer to turn off these features, you can easily do so using the Moto app settings. Whether you want to disable individual Moto Actions or reset them to their default settings, follow the steps outlined in this guide to customize your Moto experience. Remember that updating or disabling the Moto app altogether is also an option if you no longer wish to use Moto Actions. Enjoy your personalized smartphone experience on your Motorola device!