How to Permanently Delete Your DICE Account: A Step-by-Step Guide

DICE, a popular online ticketing and event discovery platform, allows users to explore and purchase tickets for various events and concerts. If you no longer wish to use your DICE account or want to safeguard your personal information, you may consider permanently deleting your account. In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through the process of deleting your DICE account step-by-step, ensuring a smooth and secure account removal.


1. Understand the Implications of Deleting Your DICE Account:

how to delete dice account permanently

DICE Account


Familiarize yourself with the consequences of permanently deleting your DICE account


Note that deleting your account will result in the loss of all your saved data, including ticket purchase history and event preferences


2. Review DICE's Account Deletion Policy:

Visit DICE's official website and review their account deletion policy


Understand the terms and conditions related to account deletion, data removal, and any associated requirements


3. Accessing Your DICE Account:

Launch the DICE mobile app or visit the DICE website on your preferred device


Log in to your DICE account using your registered email address and password


4. Navigate to the Account Settings:

how to delete dice account permanently

Account Settings


Locate the account settings menu within your DICE profile


Depending on the platform, you may find the account settings under the "Profile," "Settings," or a similar menu


5. Find the Account Deletion Option:

Look for the account deletion or account closure option within the account settings


Note that the specific wording may vary, but it should indicate permanent removal or deletion of your account


6. Initiate the Account Deletion Process:

Select the account deletion option to proceed with deleting your DICE account


You may be prompted to confirm your decision or provide additional information for verification purposes


7. Verify Your Identity:

Follow the instructions provided by DICE to verify your identity


This may involve entering your account password, answering security questions, or providing other relevant details


8. Review and Confirm the Deletion Request:

Carefully review any warnings or notifications regarding the consequences of account deletion


Confirm your intent to delete your DICE account by clicking the appropriate confirmation button


9. Submit the Account Deletion Request:

Follow the on-screen instructions to submit your account deletion request


Some platforms may require you to re-enter your password or provide an additional confirmation before proceeding


10. Confirmation of Account Deletion:

Wait for a confirmation message or email from DICE confirming the successful deletion of your account


Keep in mind that it may take some time for the deletion process to be completed


Deleting your DICE account permanently is a personal choice that ensures the removal of your personal information and event-related data from the platform. By following the step-by-step guide provided in this article, you can confidently navigate the process of deleting your DICE account. Remember to carefully review DICE's account deletion policy, verify your identity, and confirm your intent before submitting the account deletion request. Once your account has been successfully deleted, you can rest assured that your personal information is no longer associated with the DICE platform.