Best Command Strips for Hanging Pictures: A Comprehensive Guide

Choosing the right Command strips for hanging pictures can make all the difference in ensuring your artwork stays securely in place without damaging your walls. With various options available, it's essential to select the best ones for your specific needs. Here's a comprehensive guide to help you make the right choice:

1. Command Picture Hanging Strips

  • Description: These strips are specially designed for hanging picture frames without the need for nails or screws.
  • Features:
    • Strong adhesive backing that holds firmly and removes cleanly without leaving holes, marks, or residue.
    • Available in various sizes and weight capacities to accommodate different frame sizes and weights.
    • Easy to apply and remove, making them ideal for renters or anyone who wants to avoid wall damage.

2. Command Large Picture Hanging Strips

  • Description: Designed for larger and heavier picture frames or mirrors.
  • Features:
    • Enhanced adhesive strength to support heavier items, providing a secure hold.
    • Available in larger sizes and weight capacities compared to standard picture hanging strips.
    • Simple application and removal process, with no tools required.

3. Command Picture Hanging Hooks

  • Description: These hooks are suitable for hanging pictures with wire backs or sawtooth hangers.
  • Features:
    • Versatile design that accommodates different types of picture frames and hanging hardware.
    • Strong adhesive backing and durable hooks provide reliable support for various frame sizes and weights.
    • Ideal for hanging artwork, canvases, or decorative items with wire or sawtooth hangers.

4. Command Sawtooth Sticky Nail Hangers

  • Description: Specifically designed for hanging pictures with sawtooth backings.
  • Features:
    • Innovative sticky nail technology securely holds sawtooth hangers in place without the need for tools or nails.
    • Easy to install and remove, with no damage to walls or surfaces.
    • Suitable for hanging lightweight to medium-weight frames with sawtooth hangers.

5. Command Picture Ledge Strips

  • Description: Perfect for creating a gallery wall or displaying multiple pictures in a row.
  • Features:
    • Allows for easy rearrangement and customization of picture layouts without damaging walls.
    • Sturdy adhesive backing provides a secure hold for picture ledges, preventing them from slipping or falling.
    • Available in various lengths to accommodate different wall spaces and display preferences.


When it comes to hanging pictures, Command strips offer a convenient and damage-free solution that eliminates the need for nails, screws, or holes in the wall. By choosing the best Command strips for your specific picture-hanging needs, you can ensure that your artwork stays securely in place while preserving the integrity of your walls. Whether you're hanging lightweight frames or heavy mirrors, there's a Command strip option available to suit your requirements.