All You Need to Know About Dancing with the Stars Season 22 Voting

Dancing with the Stars Season 22 brought unparalleled energy and stunning performances to your screens. The show’s fan-favorite aspect remains the voting process, allowing viewers to participate in determining the fate of their beloved dancers. Here’s a comprehensive guide on everything related to the voting system for this thrilling season.

How to Vote for Dancing with the Stars Season 22?

1. Online Voting

Fans can cast their votes online through the official Dancing with the Stars website or affiliated platforms. Simply create an account, follow the voting instructions, and support your preferred contestants with just a few clicks.

2. Voting via Phone

The traditional method of voting via phone remains a popular choice. Each couple is assigned a unique number, and viewers can dial in to vote for their favorites.

Voting Rules and Guidelines

1. Voting Limitations

Fans are usually limited to a certain number of votes per voting method, ensuring fairness and equality among all contestants.

2. Voting Period

The voting period typically begins during the live broadcast and ends shortly after. It's crucial to cast your votes within this timeframe to ensure they are counted.

3. Geographical Restrictions

Be mindful of any geographical restrictions that might apply to voting methods. Some regions might have limitations on certain voting platforms.

Impact of Voting Results

1. Determining Eliminations

The votes from viewers contribute significantly to determining which couples remain in the competition and which ones face elimination each week.

2. Contestants' Appreciation

The votes serve as a testament to the support and appreciation viewers have for their favorite celebrities and professional dancers.

Tips for Effective Voting

1. Spread Your Votes

Diversify your votes among various platforms to maximize your chosen couple’s chances of staying in the competition.

2. Stay Informed

Stay updated with the show’s announcements regarding voting rules, changes, or special voting events to make the most out of your participation.


Voting for Dancing with the Stars Season 22 is an exciting way for fans to actively engage and support their favorite contestants. Understanding the voting mechanisms, limitations, and impact on the show's outcome is crucial for a fulfilling viewing experience.

Make sure to leverage your votes wisely and cheer for your preferred dancers throughout this exhilarating journey!